8 things gamers shamelessly lie about while playing videogames

Prepare a list of gamers who have never lied, and it might just be a short list. Almost every gamer has told a fib including even me, the great Vikram the merciful, and I’ve been mashing thumb since the age of seven. Be it beating a boss, finding a secret tunnel, or blaming your poor … Read more

The 8 Best Video Games That Take Place During World War II

War never changes, but video games sure do. Art often imitates life, and here are some examples of the best video games that have depicted World War 2 over the years. Some games take it upon themselves to re-write history or to take things to crazy over-the-top heights, some games aim to educate the player on … Read more

The Reason Video Games have DLC & Microtransactions Is All Your Fault

The dreaded “extra content.” We’ve all grown to fear it but overtime we’ve become more and more accustomed to it. This trend has only surfaced in recent years as online games have became more connected and marketplaces such as PSN and Xbox Live emerged and exploded in popularity. So, you’re probably wondering, why is it … Read more

8 stupid things gamers do that have no real use whatsoever

Don’t we love videogames? They can get quite immersive at times. So immersive in fact that the lines between virtual and real are blurred to the extent that we fail to see the difference between them. This in turn compiles us to carry out real life actions while playing them with the rather absurd idea … Read more

5 extremely bad videogames that were meant to be massive hits

Source: bgr.com Everyone cannot be a winner and that applies for video games too. There has been a lot such instances where an unexpected game end up being the most successful one. On the contrary, we have also seen a lot of games from famous franchises and studios not being able to live up to … Read more

5 Videogame Rumors That Should Really Become True

Rumors. Every industry has its fair share of rumors. Although it is not uncommon for rumors to be the result of someone desiring to have a laugh at others’ expense, there are occasions when you can’t help but think if they really hold some substance. We look at six such videogame rumors today which appear … Read more

7 Times Videogames actually resulted in a person’s death

Image credit: KAYLA O HEARON Some games get so painfully addicting, they take over most of your life. Some people are more prone to this, and the companies that make these games know it. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets to the point of unhealthy addiction, and ends up literally ruining people’s lives. From quitting your job, … Read more