8 Most Valuable Video Game Collector’s Editions

Beware the eBay scams for some of your favorite games! Many people shake their heads at collector’s editions of video games. Usually the prices are too high, and a lot of times the included items don’t justify the high costs. With that being said, these expensive bundles appeal to some gamers, and it only takes a … Read more

Dying Light’s New DLC Is Twice As Big As The Actual Game

There’s an upcoming expansion for Dying Light called The Following. In case you’re wondering whether or not it’ll be worth your hard-earned money, so far it sounds like the answer is a definite ‘yes’. Fans of Dying Light will be overwhelmed with a vast new area to explore, and developers are hinting that it’s actually … Read more

No Dying Light for the PS3 and Xbox 360

Dying Light, the upcoming zombie game from polish developer Techland, is not release a PS3 and Xbox One version of the game. The reason for the cancellation is because too many compromises would have been made that the core vision of the game would have been lost. “For instance, up to 200,000 objects can be … Read more

Dying Light Release Date Moved Up

Techland, developers of the Dead Island video game, has announced that there next big zombie IP, Dying Light, will be releasing earlier than expected. Originally, the game was set to release this fall but was delayed for sometime in February of 2015. Now we’re getting word that the game has been pushed ahead and will … Read more

Dying Light Gamescom 2014 Trailer

Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new video showing off gameplay of the upcoming zombie apocalypse-themed video game, Dying Light. Dying Light, a video game that will be present at this year’s Gamescom event, has a new gameplay trailer. Techland has brought out the feel and vibe of their first zombie apocalyptic … Read more

New Trailer Released For Dying Light

Techland has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming zombie themed video game Dying Light. This is just a taste of what we will likely see more of during this year’s upcoming E3 expo. Take a look at the video demo down below. Dying Light is an upcoming first-person survival horror video game. Much … Read more

Dying Light Delayed Until February 2015

Dying Light was first announced last year back in May by  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Its currently under development by Techland. Now it has been one year since it’s announcement and gamers have been patiently waiting to get a final release date. According to the development team, it looks like  Techland’s upcoming  action survival horror game won’t … Read more