Techland Teases Possible Demo For Dying Light

Dying Light may have a demo out in the very near future. We’re talking about tomorrow people and if you’re looking for a zombie action thriller title to play through, you may want to give this game a look over. Dying Light is being developed by Techland who has made Dead Island and Call of … Read more

‘Dying Light’ literally true to its name at night; reveals video

Techland developers chose the name for their new game ‘Dying Light’, for a reason. It literally shows that night time truly means business for the in-game zombies. So beware! As the sun goes down in Dying Light, zombies get more obnoxious. As written below in the YouTube description of this video, the senses of the infected become … Read more

Dying Light for PS4 will be available to slaughter in Full HD

Dying Light is a game developed by Techland, who also made the Dead Island series.  A live gameplay demo of the game was performed during the VGX Awards which boasted a wide range of ambience wrecked by countless zombies. In addition to the dramatic day-night cycle, the game also includes a unique free-running system which … Read more

11-Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay Footage

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Techland released the first look at how their new game Dying Light actually plays. You’ve got your open world, your freerunning, your standard zombie apocalypse during the daytime and all looks like it all works together. But then the sun goes down and the entire experience changes from something akin … Read more