Mercedes Releases New DriveClub Teaser

A brand new DriveClub trailer for PS4 was unveiled recently by Evolution. The trailer highlighted some in-game footage and also announced that the game will be releasing on the 8th of October. Yesterday, Mercedes revealed another clip of the game featuring in-game versions of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black. It looks stunning. Earlier, Sony … Read more

Driveclub Details Coming Before E3 2014

The wait for details on the upcoming Evolution Studios Driveclub is about to end. Developers have stated that in the coming weeks leading up to E3 will have information on the upcoming racing title. PlayStation 4’s exclusive racing title from Evolution Studios is gearing up for a release it seems as more details will be launching soon. … Read more

DriveClub making Progress and Launch Date “in the weeks to come”

Many have been wondering what happened to the DriveClub title that was supposed to be released alongside the PS4 last year. Recent reports show that DriveClub is doing a lot better than before, and Evolution Studios is moving forward regardless of the recent layoffs. News spread like wildfire and many have wondered what will happen … Read more

Sony talks DriveClub Delay: ‘Back to the Drawing Board’

DriveClub was one of the first few games that was unveiled when the PS4 was revealed last year. Many months have gone by and energy for the DriveClub title has went from anticipating to questioning the lack of confidence in the game. The PS4 exclusive racing game developed by Evolution Studio, is owned by Sony. … Read more

DriveClub will showcase locations ‘right down to angle of light’

Sony creatively highlighted some new facts about the PlayStation 4 racing game DriveClub through their vibrant and beautifully animated ‘Be Moved’ website. Evolution Studios DriveClub claims to take driving realism to the next level. One of the more prominent pointers is that the in-game car models are made up of 250,000 polygons alone. The note … Read more

This is How PS4 Games Look in Real Life

In anticipation to the impending launch of the PS4 in Europe this coming Friday, Sony ‘s European arm has released a behind the scenes video of the console’s launch trailer. The initial video showcased how the game’s launch and upcoming exclusive games will look on the long-awaited successor to the PS3, as well as a … Read more