PS4 Boost Mode Performance – Worst Running PS4/Pro Games List

Image: Just Push Start The PS4 Pro Boost Mode is currently in its beta stages and is available to the beta users of PS4’s upcoming firmware update 4.50. The Boost mode however has more adverse affects than positive till this point. Some of the games are reported to have been affected by the PS4 Pro Boost Mode performance, … Read more

Popular DJ Blames Video Games For The Rise of Donald Trump

Sometimes, people like to look for things to blame. It makes people feel more comfortable to shift the blame to someone else or something else. One of the things that gets unwarranted blame for a lot of things is video games. Now the rise and upcoming election of Donald Trump has apparently been attributed by video games, … Read more


1990’s Illuminati Card Game Made Some Scary Accurate Predictions

Illuminati is a card game from way back in 1995 – and it’s made some creepily accurate “predictions” after looking at in retrospect just over 20 years later. The cards feature eerily similar circumstances to those of things such as 9/11, Donald Trump (hehe), and even Pepe, one of the Almighty Meme Gods. Obviously, this is … Read more