Major Destiny update might be bringing old raids back to the game

The director of Destiny’s new DLC Rise of Iron has not ruled out the inclusion of older raids such as Vault of Glass and is even “seriously considering” the return of such older fan favourites. Bungie aims to keep players of Destiny happy once year 3 rolls around. The new DLC, Rise of Iron, will … Read more

Destiny: Rise of Iron – Major Weapon Changes Revealed

Bungie have already started rolling out the update 2.4 for Destiny. The update is being rolled out in preparation for the launch of the Rise of Iron expansion. The update will also bring in a host of changes for the weapons of the game. Bungie is set to make changes to every weapon in the … Read more

Shots fired: Bungie just took a jab at No Man’s Sky

Image: There are a lot of similarities between No Man’s Sky and Destiny. Both the games have a sci-fi and futuristic setting, and they also have the intergalactic travel feature. However, there is another similarity between the two games which was first brought to attention by Alex Newhouse of Gamespot. In his article for Gamespot last month, … Read more

This Destiny Player Reached Lvl 40 Without Leaving The First Mission

While you’ve been busy hanging out with friends, soaking up sunshine, eating, sleeping… there’s a guy out there who grinded out 98 hours in Destiny’s very first mission to hit level 40, and he’s awesome. How does this madness even work? Well, SerfaBoy (our not-so-brave hero) found a loophole in the system. Normally at the … Read more

Destiny The Dark Below Leaks Online

A new leak has sprung online for Destiny. The game has it’s upcoming DLC known as The Dark Below leaked online. While the leak isn’t the full DLC, gamers will get an early view of the cinematic of the DLC. Turns out that the leak was sent by error which didn’t stop several YouTubers from … Read more