Must Play Zombie Themed Video Games

Since the dawn of gaming there have been zombies. However, the gaming industry has only recently noticed the full potential of the zombie apocalypse genre. So if you’re looking to take on the undead horde then here are some of our highly recommended zombie themed video games that is worthy to be added toward your video … Read more

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition confirmed to run at 30fps/1080p on the PS4

Sony has recently announced that Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will be available on the PS4 soon, free to players with PS Plus. It has been revealed that Housemarque had some assistance on the PS4 port, helped by their partners Sony XDev Europe and Climax Studios. This means that the Housemarque’s other unknown project is in … Read more

PS4’s Interactive Broadcasting Feature will Change the Way You Game

It is a feature that takes broadcasting games, to a whole other level. It is something that people are not aware of, and has been around ever since the PS4 launched. Interactive broadcasting also known as Broadcast+ is when a player can livestream their game and the viewers can interact with the player by making the game … Read more

PS Plus List of Free Games in March Leaked

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Plus titles for March has been leaked. Find out what free video games you can pick up if your a subscriber to the PlayStation Plus service. It has been made known that PS3 users will receive Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Tomb raider while PS4 users will receive Dead Nation. … Read more

Housemarque Teases Dead Nation Sequel in Res0gun Trailer

Housemarque released a trailer for their next downloadable title for the PS4 and PS Vita, Res0gun. Comparable to their earlier game Super Stardust HD by having “a lot of cool thing, like explosions and space.” However, studio boss Mikael Haveri introduces the trailer in a faux Mad Men suave attitude surrounded by Dead Nation paraphernalia … Read more