Must Play Zombie Themed Video Games

Since the dawn of gaming there have been zombies. However, the gaming industry has only recently noticed the full potential of the zombie apocalypse genre. So if you’re looking to take on the undead horde then here are some of our highly recommended zombie themed video games that is worthy to be added toward your video game collection.

Dead Nation


Dead Nation is a top down shooter based in the heat of the zombie apocalypse despite the fact it is a top down shooter it is still alot more intense than first person zombie shooters.

You can play it solo but the co op is where the fun is because you can play it both online and local so if you have a friend over that is a zombie fanatic then this is definitely a game you would want to play. Dead Nation is one of the best PSN zombie games ever made.


Call of Duty Zombies mode


Despite the fact the Call of Duty isn’t centered around you depressingly making your way through the zombie infested streets there is a mode in Call of Duty. There is nearly always a third mode. Despite the fact recent attempts at the co op mode such as Ghost’s Extinction and Modern Warfare 3’s Spec ops mode, and Zombies is why many people buy Treyarch’s games more than any others. In this game mode you are isolated in a small area in which there are doors which cost money. To earn this you kill zombies and put up barricades. The soul aim in this game is to survive as long as you can. It is spine tingling and gut wrenching and best of all you can experience it alone or with your friends. It is a truly great experience.


Dead Island/Riptide


Dead Island and it’s “sequel” Riptide are open world zombie games set on the beautiful island of Banoi. However there is one problem, your dream holiday destination has just gone to hell and you have got to get out of there alive.

At the end of Dead Island you escape and are instantly picked up by an army vessel sent to contain the deadly outbreak. Riptide has so many differences to the original beginning with forms of travel such as the edition of boats, and new characters with new abilities. Riptide was truly a step up from the original and will please zombie fans around the world.


Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare


Undead Nightmare is a standalone “add on” for Red Dead Redemption. You once again gain control of John Marston a gunslinger on a quest to save hid zombified family.

The game is completely free roam and you can do what ever you want but for those of you who enjoy a story there is still a high quality campaign, along with plenty of side quests this is a game that no one has ever even tried to make. Whilst games in the wild west are already scarce zombie games in the wild west have never been attempted before this masterpiece.

Despite the fact the game is concentrated on campaign and free roam multiplayer has been implemented into this game in the form of a co op horde mode which I personally had a great time playing. Any zombie fans that have never played Undead Nightmare should try it as it is a true zombie game.


The Walking Dead


Despite the fact The Walking Dead is a point and click RPG game unlike other zombie games. It may not be popular with everyone but there is no denying that it has a unique feel and a beautiful story.

Because Telltale want to tell the whole story they have broken the game into episodes and seasons each episode is long and always ends by making you want more.

Usually there is one episode a month and once the season dramatically ends fans have to painstakingly wait for the next season. Each decision you make effects the upcoming episode then all of your decision together will effect the next season.


Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2


Left 4 Dead is one of the most co op, and teamwork orientated zombie games I have played to this date. The objective is simple make it from point A to point B whilst you fight your way through the relentless hordes of infected.

Despite the fact that the game is action orientated there is one point in every level where you fear for your life.

This is when the Execrable Witch who sits in the most ridiculous places so it is nearly impossible to walk past her without agrivating her and once she is aggravated she will kill you. The constantly evolving ways to keep the game solid so people still play it today.


Resident Evil/Remake


Resident Evil was the first survival horror game to get noticed by the press and scared gamers around the globe.

Despite the fact it was released such a long time ago in 1996 it got a make over for the game cube and is getting remastered for the next generation consoles. It is hands down the greatest survival horror experiences ever.


Dead Space 2


Dead space 2 is a third person survival horror game in which you fight necromorphs which are “space zombies” these may not be normal zombies but they still count. They are reanimated corpses that sprout legs left, right, and, center just to make it more terrifying the only way to kill them is by dismembering them one limb at a time.

This a ridiculously scary game and any survival horror fan should acquire it.


Resident Evil 4


If someone tells you to think of a zombie game the first name that springs to mind is Resident Evil. This one of the most iconic zombie games that has ever been created and will always hold a place in my heart.

However the fourth installment changed the game forever and instead of the iconic zombies we got a horde of B.O.W’s.

Capcom really took a chance by changing the game however these B.O.W’s were intelligent and could be strategic making the player think more and making the game even more scary.