This Awesome Overwatch Cosplay Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Cosplayer: Jannet “Incosplay” Vinogradova and Ardsami Cosplay , Photographer:  Makar Vinogradov Overwatch has finally released worldwide and the reception from both the critics and the gaming community has been extremely positive. The game’s quite popular too, with it often being the most popular game streamed on Twitch and most played game on Steam. The cosplay … Read more

Female Fitness model is the real life Chun Li with thunder thighs

Chun-Li is an incredibly iconic female Street Fighter character. In fact, in Street Fighter II, she made the claim “I am the strongest woman in the world.”, which means it only makes sense for this popular female fitness model to do an outstanding cosplay of her. Seen below, you can certainly see a resemblance. Especially … Read more

This MGS 5 ‘Quiet’ Cosplay Might Be The Most Realistic One Yet

Videogame cosplays are always a treat to watch. Although, there’s a fair bit of popular cosplayers who do some wonderful cosplays, there’s also an active indie community who do equally amazing ones but seldom get the attention they deserve due to lack of exposure. Fraghero is trying to change that by featuring little known but … Read more

This Might Be The Best Femshep Cosplay We’ve Ever Seen

The Mass Effect series has been popular among the cosplay community for quite some time. Since Mass Effect was released almost a decade ago, we’ve seen a ton of cosplay for different Mass Effect characters like Miranda, Garrus, Liara and Thane. But the main protagonist, Commander Shepard, still remains the most popular. And let’s face it, the ladies … Read more

Fallout 4: First Dogmeat Cosplay Is Here, Looks Rather Adorable

Dogmeat is already becoming a star thanks to Fallout 4. Your trusty canine companion in the game has quickly become a fan favorite and now people are beginning to take their fondness for the character outside of the game. A imgur user going by the name WexyLex  has created an adorable cosplay for his dog Sarge, … Read more

‘Games The Shop’ to be a major part of Comic Con Mumbai 2013

Comic Con Mumbai will be even more exciting this year with the participation of the India’s prominent gaming retailer – Games The Shop. The Comic Con Mumbai will be conducted from 21st to 22nd December 2013. The cosplay for Gaming Category this year will be sponsored by Games The Shop. So all the gamers in … Read more