Cosplayer Builds Captain America Shield That Actually Works by Using Magnets


With Civil War in theaters now, it’s no surprise that the Captain America faithfuls are out in full. This guy however, deserves a tier all on his own. He’s figured out how to make his shield replica work sort of like the one in the movies, which is totally awesome.

The shield itself is made by Machinaprops and costs a nice $1,132.00, but won’t have the same function that The Hacksmith‘s does. He did that all on his own using magnets, bitch!  (Somewhere Aaron Paul is smiling.)

via Marvel

The short explanation is that he used some lithium-polymer batteries to build a pair of magnets capable of lifting over 3,000 pounds. It’s actually an insanely cool design. Oh, and you can use it to do some sick pull-ups too, which he demonstrates.

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk a little about the actual movie. Civil War so far is on pace to be one of, if not, the biggest box office hit ever. It’s very difficult to find any negative reviews on it, and that’s rightfully so. They seemed to have nailed exactly what fans expected them to. Then again, Marvel never seems to disappoint these days.

via Machinaprops

Definitely check out the video on this thing below. It shows he made it, and he says he has another video coming out that’s going to show it in action.

YouTube video