This MGS 5 ‘Quiet’ Cosplay Might Be The Most Realistic One Yet

Videogame cosplays are always a treat to watch. Although, there’s a fair bit of popular cosplayers who do some wonderful cosplays, there’s also an active indie community who do equally amazing ones but seldom get the attention they deserve due to lack of exposure.

Fraghero is trying to change that by featuring little known but immensely talented cosplayers in our monthly new section called “Cosplay Spotlight“. We’ll be featuring some great creative artists in this section every month and we’re kicking it off with one particularly talented individual.

Image: Lady Himorta

Meet Antonella a.k.a Italyas Himorta, a 24 year old lady from Italy, who’s an extremely gifted cosplayer. If you’re not charmed by her beauty, you’re bound to be impressed with how she manages to bring some of the most popular fictional characters to life.

Image: Lady Himorta

Himorta told us that her nickname is a funny Italian pun about Hinata, who’s a popular character from the Anime series Naruto.

Today, we’re going to focus on one particular cosplay of hers. A recent one she did in which she portrayed the role of Quiet: a popular Metal Gear Solid V character who doesn’t speak at all. The cosplay is really well done and Himorta looks every bit the part and manages to bring the character to life unlike anyone we’ve seen so far.

Image: Lady Himorta

She insists that it wasn’t easy to get the look right and her father being in the army helped since¬†she admittedly disclosed she ‘stole’ some of his stuff to use for the Cosplay. She used a material called worbla to create many of the props used for the cosplay that she made herself.

Image: Lady Himorta

Himorta reveals her cosplaying videogame character days are just getting started and she plans to do many more in future including Lara Croft from Tomb Raider series and some characters from the League of Legends among others.

She is open to take requests and urges our readers to drop in suggestions about which videogame character she should cosplay next. Be sure to follow her official Facebook page.