Seth Killian Quits Sony Santa Monica Development Studio

Seth Killian, senior game designer, announced something very interesting over Twitter. Santa Monica studios has lost a developer as Seth announced his departure. Find out just why Seth Killian left the development team and what is to come from him down the line. Seth Killian was a senior game designer for Sony’s Santa Monica development … Read more

Sony Grabs Up Indie Title The Swapper

Sony loves the indie video game community and one title that the company was eager to grab up was the hit PC title The Swapper. You may have seen The Swapper last year when it debut on PC by Facepalm Games. This is a puzzle side-scrolling video game where players are left stranded on a space … Read more

Paradox Unveils New RPG Runemaster

Paradox is holding their 2014 convention and with it comes the perfect opportunity to reveal a brand new game. Though it’s not a title I think many people were expecting, Paradox has revealed Runemaster, their first stab at an RPG. We don’t have too much information at the moment about Runemaster but from what we … Read more

The Wolf Amount Us: Episode 2 Releases In February

Telltale Games first brought out The Wolf Among Us on October 11, 2013. After months of waiting the development studio has finally announced that episode 2 titled “Smoke & Mirrors” will be released this February more specifically, the first week of February.  Episode was expected to be released a bit earlier than February but Telltale … Read more