Seth Killian Quits Sony Santa Monica Development Studio

Seth Killian, senior game designer, announced something very interesting over Twitter. Santa Monica studios has lost a developer as Seth announced his departure. Find out just why Seth Killian left the development team and what is to come from him down the line.

Seth Killian was a senior game designer for Sony’s Santa Monica development studio since 2012. Though announced through Twitter, Seth revealed that he is leaving Santa Monica and taking up his own style of developing.

“Hi guys, I chose to leave my Sony family back in December and on great terms, I was inspired by their amazing indies to do my own thing.”

Looks like it was all in good terms but we’re curious as to what will come from Seth in the future. As for Santa Monica, Seth did mention that there are some “Stellar” video games coming from the development team. Some of the titles that Seth worked on while under Santa Monica were The Unfinished SwanPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Sound Shapes.