Naughty Dog’s Lead Artist Nate Wells Leaves Company

Naughty Dog has lost another team member for the company. Nate Wells, who was the lead artist for The Last of Us is no longer with the development team. Instead, Nate has found a new position in Giant Sparrow. The Naughty Dog team has lost a few members since The Last of Us released, from … Read more

Seth Killian Quits Sony Santa Monica Development Studio

Seth Killian, senior game designer, announced something very interesting over Twitter. Santa Monica studios has lost a developer as Seth announced his departure. Find out just why Seth Killian left the development team and what is to come from him down the line. Seth Killian was a senior game designer for Sony’s Santa Monica development … Read more

Turtle Rock Studios Finally Reveals Why They Left Valve

If you know much about video game development studios, the name Turtle Rock Studios should instantly connect with the infamous Left 4 Dead series. Developers have been closely working with Valve for years during their days as an independent studio and with Left 4 Dead shown off from the company, Valve quickly snatched the studios … Read more