Naughty Dog’s Lead Artist Nate Wells Leaves Company

Naughty Dog has lost another team member for the company. Nate Wells, who was the lead artist for The Last of Us is no longer with the development team. Instead, Nate has found a new position in Giant Sparrow.

The Naughty Dog team has lost a few members since The Last of Us released, from Amy Hennig to Justin Richmond, Nate Wells has announced his departure through Twitter from Naughty Dog and has since joined developers Giant Sparrow who has created The Unfinished Swan.

Giant Sparrow is currently working on an unannounced video game title which is possible to get news of what the developers are currently working on during this year’s E3 event. Naughty Dog is currently bringing out¬†The Last of Us: Remastered¬†along with a new Uncharted title.