Andrew House Unsure About AAA Games on PS Vita

We’ve heard in the past that Sony will be pulling away from focusing on AAA video games for the PS Vita. Now that the system is selling quite well recently, does that mean Sony will be making a new comeback with AAA titles in full force for Sony’s latest handheld? Andrew House speaks with IGN … Read more

Sony’s Andrew House and Mark Cerny Keynote Announced

If you’re looking to get information on the PlayStation brand or more specifically the PlayStation 4 then chances are you’ll want to sit in on an upcoming Keynote in July. Sony has announced that CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House along with lead system architect for the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny will … Read more

Mark Cerny “PS4 8GB GDDR5 RAM Was Decided in Very Final Meeting”

During an interview with  Game Informer, PS4  lead architect Mark Cerny  revealed the decision of the PlayStation 4 receiving 8GB of GDDR5 RAM was decided at the very final meeting. At first, it was going to only be limited to 4GB but Cerny knew that GDDR5  is far superior and made for the perfect system, he waited until the very final … Read more

Sony Sells over 6 Million PS4’s Worldwide

The PlayStation 4 has proven to be a strong competitor in the next generation of gaming. The strong sales in Japan was the push that Sony needed to reach to the top. On March 2nd, Sony announced that they have sold six million PS4 consoles in 57 countries, all across the world. The president and … Read more

Andrew House Excited About PS4’s Launch Than Ever Before

Andrew House has been President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc since September 2011. He is an important aspect of the company as he carries the weight of the brand’s growth and development on his shoulders . Before his earned promotions he played an enormous role in Sony as the President … Read more

PlayStation CEO is confident that PS4 can surpass PS3 sales

Andrew House, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) predicts that company’s latest console has the ability to beat its forerunner PS3 by a long margin in the upcoming future. PS3 has already sold over 80 million units worldwide which is impressive but still couldn’t surpass the 150 million figure set by PS2 sales, which … Read more