Andrew House Unsure About AAA Games on PS Vita

We’ve heard in the past that Sony will be pulling away from focusing on AAA video games for the PS Vita. Now that the system is selling quite well recently, does that mean Sony will be making a new comeback with AAA titles in full force for Sony’s latest handheld? Andrew House speaks with IGN on the subject.

Andrew House states the following about future AAA video games for the PS Vita.

I certainly think you’ll still see [Vita] as a triple-A machine in Japan where it has a different function with the console dynamic of the marketplace. That for me is a given. It’s hard to say in terms of the other markets. I think remote play is still in its nascent stages, I think we need to have better understanding. We know a lot of players are embracing it and using it and seem to like the experience a lot, but necessarily that changes the dynamic. You know, if you can play your PlayStation 4 content at will on Vita, then does that obviate the necessity of having Triple-A content or not? I think that question will stay unanswered for a little bit.

Looks like it’s still unsure of where the Sony PS Vita will be heading. While the handheld is selling a number of units, gamers may not have the biggest video game launches for the device.