Sony’s Andrew House and Mark Cerny Keynote Announced

If you’re looking to get information on the PlayStation brand or more specifically the PlayStation 4 then chances are you’ll want to sit in on an upcoming Keynote in July. Sony has announced that CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House along with lead system architect for the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny will be delivering a Keynote at the Develop gaming conference in Brighton, UK.

The Keynote given by Andrew House and Mark Cerny is titled “20 Years of PlayStation 4, 40 Years of Console Games, and 100 Years to Come.

This conference will be based around how the PlayStation name and brand came to be and just how it’s a top choice for gaming entertainment in households all over the world. Andrew and Mark will also talk about the future of the gaming industry as a whole.

If you’re not interested in waiting until July 8th to roll around for the keynote, you’re in luck. Thus June 9, 2014 at 6 p.m. PDT will feature Sony’s press conference during this Year’s E3 expo event. We will have the latest details from the event right here at PlayStation Gang!