Sony video game consultant declares single-player games ‘gone in 3 years’

Eurogamer posted an article back in 2011 with quotes from Mark Cerny, video game consultant, stating that single-player games would be gone by the end of 2014. Cerny, who worked with Sony on popular games such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Jak & Daxter,  discussed this at a private panel organized by Sony. I believe the traditional single-player … Read more

Mark Cerny Stepping Away From Hardware For Indie Game

Mark Cerny is stepping away for a bit to focus on an indie video game project. Though he admits that the game won’t be much of an indie title as the project will be fully funded. Nevertheless, a new project has caught Mark Cerny’s eyes and that means we should get excited. Mark Cerny has … Read more

Sony’s Andrew House and Mark Cerny Keynote Announced

If you’re looking to get information on the PlayStation brand or more specifically the PlayStation 4 then chances are you’ll want to sit in on an upcoming Keynote in July. Sony has announced that CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House along with lead system architect for the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny will … Read more

Mark Cerny “PS4 8GB GDDR5 RAM Was Decided in Very Final Meeting”

During an interview with  Game Informer, PS4  lead architect Mark Cerny  revealed the decision of the PlayStation 4 receiving 8GB of GDDR5 RAM was decided at the very final meeting. At first, it was going to only be limited to 4GB but Cerny knew that GDDR5  is far superior and made for the perfect system, he waited until the very final … Read more

Mark Cerny: PS4 Developers will Get More Creative By Year Three or Four

Lead architect for the PlayStation 4 Mark Cerny, in an interview with Polygon during Gamescom, said that he think developers will get more creative with the console’s hardware once they have some practice under their belts and release a few games. [quote style=”1″ author=”Mark Cerny”]We set our target at 10 times the PlayStation 3’s performance … Read more

Sony Explains how Developers will Unlock Full Potential of PS4

The Lead Architect of the PS4 Mark Cerny was in an interview with IGN, where he discussed how the console was specifically made to be easy to develop for and some cool new features. Cerny describes how the PS4 will be ready for the future, the full power of the next-gen console will increase as … Read more

Sony: The PS4 will have “more in it than what you find in a PC”

The Lead Architect of the PS4 Mark Cerny has been quite busy, where he recently attended the Develop Conference and did an interview with VG247, in which he talked all about the new console. Cerny explains how the PS4 is “based on custom chips that have a tremendously long lead time,” In a developer discussion … Read more