Andrew House Excited About PS4’s Launch Than Ever Before

Andrew House has been President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc since September 2011. He is an important aspect of the company as he carries the weight of the brand’s growth and development on his shoulders .

Before his earned promotions he played an enormous role in Sony as the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) he started in May 2009 spreading the Playstation business in 100 territories across Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East.

Andrew House spent twenty three years with Sony PlayStation being his place of interest.  He is utterly proud of new PS4 console and therefore  House ecstatically said,

“I’m more excited about this console launch than any of the ones that we’ve done previously,”

“The decision to slightly stagger the launches has played out extremely well for us, and I’m really pleased with our ability to deliver a good supply of consoles into the markets at launch.”

“The goal was to have a very good number for the initial launch,”

“The goal then will be to follow that up as quickly as possible, with another tranche of supply prior to Christmas. Then the plan is to keep our production at a sufficient state to at least, by and large, meet demand, if not fully address it.”

Executives feel its debut titles show the company’s ideology through the system’s launch line up stating that “I think it was a great statement of intent to have something in the launch line-up that was not only exclusive, but also addresses a family audience, and is maybe easier to pick up and play”.

The Playstation leader shines light on the fact the third party revelations are becoming a scarcity, Sony is strictly intrigued in games that presents its exclusive hardware in different and engaging ways. What do you, the consumer, think about the Executive’s opinion? Leave a comment below and let us at Playstation Gang know how you feel about this.