PS4 won’t be “anything like the losses” that happened with the PS3

The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House mentions that the PS4 will do a lot better than when the PS3 launched, which costed them a massive loss of 3 billion dollars.

Bloomberg reported that the CEO talked to investors at a meeting last week, where he explains that the pricing of the PS4 has a better advantage than the PS3 did, so they should not suffer as big of a loss.

House states, “We will not generate anything like the losses we did for the PlayStation 3,” because investment for the next gen console is “much, much smaller.”

Sony has yet to report their game division losses for their next financial period, due to changes on currency exchange rates.

PS4 sales might be able to compensate for the losses, but their games unit is not expected to break even this year. Sony expects their earning to “deteriorate significantly.”


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