Sony CEO and Executives Taking 50% Pay Cut

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Sony’s CEO and top executives will be taking a pretty massive pay cut this year. News was announced just one day ahead of Sony’s financial loss reports however, the PlayStation 4 isn’t the culprit behind the hit. Because of the hit Sony is taking at the moment, CEO Kazuo … Read more

EA Talks Upcoming Star Wars Video Games

With the acquisition of Lucas Arts, Disney has signed a 10-year deal agreement with EA for video game development. This means that the main Star Wars titles will be developed by EA though there are other development studios that have their hand on a specific Star Wars related title as well. During a Fortune interview, … Read more

How the PS4 proved to be a winner detailed

The President/CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton was in a recent interview with CNN Money where he explained how almost a decade of researching consumer’s wants and needs helped them gain positive feedback on their PS4 from E3. Tretton states, “We spent a lot of time talking to consumers. We also spent a … Read more