How the PS4 proved to be a winner detailed

The President/CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton was in a recent interview with CNN Money where he explained how almost a decade of researching consumer’s wants and needs helped them gain positive feedback on their PS4 from E3.

Tretton states, “We spent a lot of time talking to consumers. We also spent a lot of time talking with the development community, asking what they wanted.

“The E3 press conference in the spring and the rollout was a culmination of that vision. The reaction is a testament that we got the strategy right. It’s a long, ongoing process. You’ve got to execute against a strategy. If you start second-guessing and looking over your shoulder, you open yourself up to mistakes. If you did your homework the consumer is going to respond.”

The president also mentioned that the PS4 $399 price was set many months before the E3 event, they set that price because they knew what the consumer expected. At that time, they were not sure if the price of the PS4 would be “more aggressive or less aggressive than competitors.”

Turns out Sony played their cards right with the price tag that is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Since E3, Microsoft has been changing policies/restrictions left and right, while Sony is sticking to what they started with.

What do you fans think about Sony’s consumer strategy?