EA is not picking sides in Console War

When analyzing the major gaming events from this year’s Gamescom and E3, it is clear that EA has announced an interesting amount of Exclusive titles just for the Xbox One. Many have came to the conclusion that EA is leaning more toward’s Microsoft, and pushing away from Sony. EA Labels President Frank Gibeau has made … Read more

1 Hour Gameplay of Saints Row IV

Saints Row fans, feast your eyes on this one hour gameplay footage of the insanely entertaining game. You will be able to do many things with your character like gain superhero powers, run across buildings, murder random pedestrians with killer moves, have sexual intercourse, and of course battle against the alien invaders. Spare an hour … Read more

Vita used as PS4 Controller explained

President of Sony Computer Entertainment of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida was once again on his twitter responding to fascinating questions left and right. He was recently asked if the PS Vita could be used as a PS4 controller. Yoshida answers, “In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use … Read more

Saints Row IV “Weapon of Mass Abduction” Funny Video

Volition just released another trailer of their upcoming Saints Row IV title.The series continue as the setting continues 4 years after the Saints Row 3 game. The main character is now the President of the United States fighting against the alien species. Saints Row IV pre-orders are available now and will be released on August … Read more

Grand Theft Auto 5: All 3 Characters will have to be Unlocked

When you start the Grand Theft Auto 5 game, you will not have three of the main Characters: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Turns out the user will have to “explore the world of each of them” in order to access all of the characters. President of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies informs the website jeauxactu.com that … Read more