Sony CEO and Executives Taking 50% Pay Cut

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Sony’s CEO and top executives will be taking a pretty massive pay cut this year. News was announced just one day ahead of Sony’s financial loss reports however, the PlayStation 4 isn’t the culpritĀ behind the hit.

Because of the hit Sony is taking at the moment, CEO Kazuo Hirai and other executives has announced that they will be taking a 50% pay cut this year to bring back the profit for Sony and it’s line of products and services.

Sony has announced that the company will be taking a loss this year in profit. The main reason behind the loss comes from their PC background. Sony has been aiming to get out of the PC market for awhile now as the company continues to take a loss in profit for their line of computers.

Though, Sony has made mention that other factors have been playing in on their profit. For instance, physical media is slowly dying off with streaming becoming more main stream. Regardless of what was previously stated, we should have a more in-depth look as to what caused the loss for Sony tomorrow when the reports are made public.