Leaked Footage of Final Fantasy XV Surfaces Online

Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XV has been leaked online. The early footage comes from a Comic Con located in Thailand. You can check out the footage for yourself down below.

Square Enix hasn’t spoke too much of their upcoming Final Fantasy XV video game. There’s even reports that the game will not be making a release this year but Square Enix will instead aim for a 2015 release.

Final Fantasy XV is set in present day Earth, the land is separated into different nations all of which contain crystals, objects of political power. One nation known Lucis has tossed aside growth in culture and has instead focused on advanced weaponry.

To protect the world from the advanced corrupt nation of Lucis, those who have experienced near-death moments in their life are granted magical powers must band together and take down the leaders of Lucis and save the world.

Either way, the development of the game is said to be an action based RPG and we’ll likely hear something of the title during this year’s E3 expo. We will update you on the latest right here on PSG.