Sony Assures the PS3 will still Thrive

The Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment UK Feral Gara was in a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine where he gave a statement on how the PS3 will be sticking around even after the PS4 is released.

Gara states, “In terms of the life of the PS3, I think it’s there for some time to come, I think it’s got an amazing line-up of games this year which is really healthy.

“I also think we’ll see a different phasing of success emerge this year from PS3 versus PS4. So you know I would expect it to fade a little more quickly in the UK which is a highly networked country with a huge taste in new tech.”

When discussing the high hopes of the PS4 he says, “Achieving a strong install base is always very, very important in a console’s life. And we’ll be as focused, if not more focused, on that this time versus any previous generation, in particular starting with an attractive price-point that’s going to help us on that journey. So we’re delighted we’re looking in good shape on that front.”

How long do you think companies will keep supporting the PS3?