Warframe Developer: PS4 is a Easy Platform to Adapt to from PC

The Creative Director of Warframe Steven Sinclair was in an interview with VG247 where he discussed how easy of a decision it was to make the Warframe game for the PS4.

Check out the statement below:

“[Sony] approached us actually, I guess it’s coming up to about four months ago. We were in our open beta and rocking the Steam charts there, and Sony got in contact with James, who’s the owner of the company and said, ‘Hey what would you think about bringing Warframe over to our next gen console?

“We had, probably, a 30-second conversation about if we should do it. [Sony] squeezed themselves to send us as many dev kits as possible and three months later we were on the [E3] show floor at PlayStation 4 showing Warframe playable. It seems that Sony, at least with PlayStation 4 … I mean you can see Dust 514 there as well, so they’re obviously open to experimentation even on PS3, but it sounds with PS4 they were willing to give it a shot with a developer like us who doesn’t have a publisher. That was a big surprise, and an awesome one.”

– Creative Director Steven Sinclair