Sony Answers Questions about the PlayStation Store, PS Plus, and More

The President of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida has been very informative on his twitter account, answering fan questions left and right ever since the PS4 was announced. E3 has cleared many questions but has sparked the little things that people are dying to know.

Read the Twitter Q&A below.

@strickers66 asks, “one thing that concerns me about PS4. Current PSN store’s really bad. It runs slowly, is buggy and just doesn’t work well. PS4 better?

He responds, “Absolutely.”

@russellpsv asks, “will downloadable ps4 games from ps plus / psn be playable on ps vita remote play or just disk games.”

He responds, “both digital and disk games will work on Remote Play”

@RealMilos asks, “hey shuhei, when my account transfers to the PS4, does the money in my psn wallet transfer there too?”

He responds, “when you use the same PSN account, your wallet is available for both”

@Raoul24 asks, “Can people still play Drive Club PSN+ edition when there subscription is expired (if automatic renewal is not enabled)?”

He responds, “no, sorry.”

To sum it all up the PS4 store will be better than the PS3 store, any game whether it be disc or digital will work on the PS Vita Remote Play. Money from the PS3 account will transfer/be available to the PS4 so the psn wallet will be the same for the account regardless of the console. When PS Plus membership expires, the games that came with it also come to an end.

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