PS4 will Unite Hardcore and Casual Gamers

The Lead Architect of the PS4 Mark Cerny was in a recent interview where he discussed the possibility and vision of the new console. He is so confident that it is going to be ‘a renaissance of gaming.’ There should be no more distinction between the hardcore and casual gamer, it will be a place where we can all come together.

Cerny states, “I see this very large gulf between the skill-set of what those people are familiar with and what is required to play a triple-A game.”

He explains how the touchpad of the Dualshock 4 will be the reason why the gaming dynamic will shift. “It’s a natural way to input. It’s also a way to bring someone [used to phones and tablets] into the console world.”

He ends, “We have the opportunity with PlayStation 4 to fundamentally alter the landscape of gaming. We can have the highest richness and variety of content.”

“It really will be a renaissance of gaming.”

Do you really think it will be possible for Sony to close the gap between the hardcore and casual world? Comment below.