Sony Explains how Developers will Unlock Full Potential of PS4

The Lead Architect of the PS4 Mark Cerny was in an interview with IGN, where he discussed how the console was specifically made to be easy to develop for and some cool new features. Cerny describes how the PS4 will be ready for the future, the full power of the next-gen console will increase as … Read more

Sony: The PS4 will have “more in it than what you find in a PC”

The Lead Architect of the PS4 Mark Cerny has been quite busy, where he recently attended the Develop Conference and did an interview with VG247, in which he talked all about the new console. Cerny explains how the PS4 is “based on custom chips that have a tremendously long lead time,” In a developer discussion … Read more

PS4 will Unite Hardcore and Casual Gamers

The Lead Architect of the PS4 Mark Cerny was in a recent interview where he discussed the possibility and vision of the new console. He is so confident that it is going to be ‘a renaissance of gaming.’ There should be no more distinction between the hardcore and casual gamer, it will be a place … Read more

Lead Architect goes into Details why PS4 does not contain a Cell Processor

The PS4’s Lead Architect Mark Cerny was a special guest at the recent Gamelab event where he was discussing the reason why the company decided to use the standard x86 architecture over a Cell processor. He states, “After the PlayStation 3 shipped, the hardware team immediately started working on reducing the manufacturing costs of the … Read more