Someone’s Making A Runescape Version Of Pokemon Fire Red

There are very few things better than two of your favourite games coming together in a lovingly recreated fan-made reimagining. Thanks to some of the talented people out there on the interwebs we’ve seen some show-stoppers in the past, and this one is no different…

Credit: Nintendo

A Discord channel going by the name PokeScape has been proudly showing off its own version of the classic title, Pokemon Fire Red – the difference here being that it’s been given the Runescape treatment.

Over on YouTube, the user FlippingOldschool uploaded a clip of the find, writing: “Hey guys, today I found out of a really cool project called pokescape!

Credit: Jagex

“Pokescape is going to be a romhack for pokemon fire red. It is essentially going to be a playable pokemon game, however with all new npcs,maps,music and more.

“Everything in this game is runescape related. Most of the F2P gamemode has beed mapped out. There are over 150 new runemons to catch and play. Every new Runemon has its own unique sprite. You may notice some familiar ones like cerberus, cows, scorpions and more. The game is not yet released, but go over to their twitter/discord and show them some support.”

Credit: Nintendo

Check it out for yourself below!

YouTube video

Over on the page’s Twitter, a handful of GIFs and screenshots of the work-in-progress can be viewed. If you want to see more, drop them a follow right here.

What do you think of PokeScape and its RuneMons? Would you play this?