Someone’s Making A Runescape Version Of Pokemon Fire Red

There are very few things better than two of your favourite games coming together in a lovingly recreated fan-made reimagining. Thanks to some of the talented people out there on the interwebs we’ve seen some show-stoppers in the past, and this one is no different… A Discord channel going by the name PokeScape has been proudly … Read more

Metal Gear Fan Remake Shut Down by Konami

Fans of the original Metal Gear video game has joined together in attempt to remake their favorite title in a full HD overhaul. After being approved by Konami to develop the game as long as no money was made, the studio has decided to go ahead and shut down the project. Looks like the project … Read more

Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction Teased

It’s about time to kick ass and chew bubble gum all over again. The king is back, Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction has just been teased online and with the help of some fans, we know a few details about the game. Interceptor Entertainment is developing the upcoming game with creator Scott Miller and it will … Read more