Fallout 4 Fans Outraged By Bethesda’s VP’s Comment “Not Interested In Discussing How Realistic Things Are”

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Vice President has infuriated some Fallout 4 fans by his comment in response to a fans’ query.

The fans accused him of not caring for the franchise after he said that he’s not interested in discussing how realistic things are in Fallout 4.


The discussion started in Twitter when a fan asked Hines about a quest called “Kid in a fridge”. He said that the quest was very unrealistic as the ghoul kid survived in a fridge for 200 years without food and water.


To this Hines replied with a tweet that he was ‘not at all interested in discussing how realistic things are in an alternate universe post-apocalyptic game with talking mutants and ghouls’.

The response of Hine was not taken down well by some fans and they accused him of not caring about the myth or lore of Fallout. Here are some reactions from fans.


Later, Pete Hines defended his statement and stresses how important lore and consistency is to Fallout.


Hines also said that he and Bethesda cares a lot about the Fallout’s lore but a writer can have fun with a quest premise.


@Nyarlykins i’m just saying a writer can have fun with a quest premise

— Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) November 23, 2015



But it is not easy to please the fans as he had made a mistake in his first comment itself and the damage was already done

Hines had to say sorry as he didn’t really have the answer to the first question as he didn’t know the context.


But the discussion didn’t seem to be end there. The fans accused that Bethesda didn’t care about the Fallout franchise. Hines took his stance for the company that they really cared.

The Bethesda VP said that he posted nothing wrong but his comments were taken in a wrong way.

@sneakyblackhat i didn’t. someone asked about a quest where a kid was locked in a fridge 200 yrs and how could that be. — Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) November 24, 2015

This is how it all ended. This is not the first time Pete Hines has taken Twitter to speak out. Earlier he stated that he was ‘upset’ when leaks of Fallout 4 came out.

However, he could’ve hoped he kept this mouth shut this time around as it has seemingly created a lot of controversy, especially when the game is basking in commercial and critical success.