Somebody Has Windows 95 Running On Their Nintendo 3DS

What a time to be alive. We have cellphones that are more powerful than computers that used to take up an entire room, by orders of magnitude. You can fit your entire music collection on a storage device the size of your thumbnail. You can get the latest blockbuster games delivered directly to your console through the sky, but here’s the true pinnacle of human achievement…


It’s a 3DS that can boot to Windows 95.

If you ask the guy who made this why he did it, chances are he’ll answer “why not?” That’s about the best reason someone could have.


No, it doesn’t come with Bonzai Buddy or the Dancing Baby pre-instaled but this mod is still cool so check it out.

YouTube video

Even thought the requirements for Windows 95 are miniscule by today’s standards, the 3DS struggles a bit, in particular with the long load times, but it’s understandable because it’s running inside of an emulator on a 268MHz ARM processor. Compared to the big towers of the ’90s, the 3DS is practically the size of a grain of sand.


Here are the OG system requirements of Windows 95: Personal computer with a 386DX or higher processor (486 recommended) 4 megabytes (MB) of memory (8 MB recommended) Typical hard disk space required to upgrade to Windows 95: 35-40 MB The actual requirement varies depending on the features you choose to install.