Somebody Has Windows 95 Running On Their Nintendo 3DS

What a time to be alive. We have cellphones that are more powerful than computers that used to take up an entire room, by orders of magnitude. You can fit your entire music collection on a storage device the size of your thumbnail. You can get the latest blockbuster games delivered directly to your console … Read more

New GTA V Mod Combines Grand Theft Auto With Watch Dogs

One thing that Watch Dogs definitely got right was their hacking system. Being able to cause all sorts of chaos with the push of a button is never something that gamers are going to balk at, even if the rest of the game left some people wanting more. Which leads us to one of life’s … Read more

Golden PlayStation 3 Console

Check out this amazing PlayStation 3 console model made out of pure gold. It gives us goosebumps even to think how much it must have cost the owner to make. But it looks awesome and expensive. Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below.      

Amazing PS3 Controller Mod

Check out this metallic PlayStation 3 controller mod. The controller has been entirely re-done in metal and looks out of this world. Would you play with one of these? Let us know in the comments below.