Resident Evil IS Actually Still Staying True to its Roots

If you loved the Resident Evil 2 Remake, then I’m sure you’re hyped for Capcom’s recently announced Resident Evil 3 Remake

Whilst the fifth and sixth games took loads of criticism for being “too action-focused”, Resident Evil fans know the game is a lot more than just horror. The action, the scares and the challenges all expertly combined to make this hotly anticipated game the fan-favourite it is.

Remember RE4?

However, many fans think that Resident Evil 4 was actually the first action game in the franchise and it’s not hard to see why. Since its release in 2005, fans and critics have debated on whether or not it’s actually a ‘true’ RE game.

But what is RE4? Action shooter or terrifying horror? Let’s take a look.

Credit: Capcom

Action Sequences

Some fans are saying that Resident Evil is forgetting where it started and evolving into a basic, simple action series. 

I can see where they’re coming from when looking at Resident Evil 4, just because of the sheer number of action sequences it has – defending the house with Luis or battling infected in a line of minecarts are just two of a long list that springs to mind.

Although, the infamous helicopter sequence is where Resident Evil 4 goes all-out action. With mounted turrets, miniguns, and plenty of explosions, you could replace the infected with humans, and BAM – you’re playing Call of Duty.

Credit: Capcom

Lack of Jumpscares

Jump scares are a cheap and lazy way to get a reaction out of your player base. Resident Evil definitely has a reputation; the first game’s dogs jumping through the window moment is easily one of the most iconic jumpscares ever.

But RE4 is severely lacking in this department. There’s one or two, like the man charging out of the oven, but they’re rare. 

Credit: Capcom

Moments of Vulnerability

Vulnerability – it’s the antithesis of human nature – a sure-fire way to get your player’s hairs raising, a key component of any survival horror…and Resident Evil 4 is full of them. 

The opening of the game is terrifying on another level. You’re alone and trapped in a village with chainsaw-wielding enemies out for your blood. All you have are a handgun and a handful of bullets, so you know you can’t fight them all. Survival Horror at its finest.

Credit: Capcom

So what is RE4? Action shooter or terrifying horror? The truth is, it can be both. It has something for everyone, which is, ultimately, why the franchise has stuck in the hearts of fans for so long.

Featured image credit: Capcom