Condoms Are Being Worn on Hands to Prevent Coronavirus

Coronavirus is quickly spreading to every stretch of the globe and people are taking desperate preventative measures to avoid catching COVID-19.

Condoms, face masks and antibacterial gel are rapidly becoming in short supply as panic about contracting coronavirus begins to sweep the globe. Condoms aren’t being used in the way that you may have first imagined though because they have a new purpose in the wake of COVID-19 as hand protection.

Gamers, I’m sure you’ve been in a public arcade before or even when just using your controller after your younger sibling have had their grubby mits all over it and wished you had some kind of hand protection to barricade against the germs. Oh, if only some kind of condom-like hand contraption existed…

Gloves. They’re called gloves, people. Like condoms, they’re disposable and bacteria-barring but won’t get you dodgy looks in public for wearing them.

The risk of contracting coronavirus doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun, say if you’re a regular frequenter of gaming arcades (like my personally beloved Akihabara district in Japan) or just your local 7/11 type place. Attending public gaming arcades amidst COVID-19 fears just means you might wanna bring your condoms or you know, just good old hand sanitiser with you!

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How Can You Prevent Contracting Coronavirus?

Regularly washing your hands with soap and warm water is being broadcasted by medical professionals as the number one method in preventing yourself from contracting coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation has not yet decided whether or not the outbreak can be classed as a pandemic.

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A representative from the WHO recently stated the following: “I have said it before and I’ll say it again: WHO will not hesitate to describe this as a pandemic if that’s what the evidence suggests, but we need to see this in perspective.

“Of the 88,913 cases reported globally so far, 90% are in China, mostly in one province. Of the 8,739 cases reported outside China, 81% are from four countries. Of the other 57 affected countries, 38 have reported ten cases or less. Nineteen have reported only one case and a good number of cases have already contained the virus and have not reported in the last two weeks.”

Find out more from the WHO right here.

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