Last Chance to Get Jerking Off Simulator with 10% Off!

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Jerking Off In Class Simulator, if you didn’t already know, is a 2D pixelated game that does exactly what you’d expect from its title. It’s a mature game for players aged 18 or over, so younger eyes, please enjoy a different article.

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Steam‘s description says that you must “jerk off in class and not get caught”. What a perfect game for budding creeps! Joking… this game should be taken lightheartedly and viewed as a way to blow off some steam from your main game.

Remember the Gun Gun Pixies game? Think of Jerking Off In Class Simulator in the same humorous vein.

Jerking Off In Class Simulator is “inspired by that one person that would always jerk off in the back of the classroom”, says Steam. Now I don’t know what sex maniacs which that specific Steam copywriter grew up with, but I certainly never had to experience that myself.

Here’s the full game description from Steam:

“Jerking Off In Class Simulator is a perverted game where your objective is to masturbate in the middle of class while not getting caught by your peers or teacher. Your goal is to jerk off while no one is paying any attention to you. No one in this world knows how to play your skin flute like you do so how about you take this time to give yourself a little reward. Besides, if no one spots you, is there really any harm?”

Your eyes do not deceive you; you did just read the words “skin flute”.

Sounds easy, right? Well the game actually does have an aspect of challenges to it as you must attempt to not get caught whilst your classmates go about tasks that put you in a conspicuous situation. Steam say that, “the Selfie Queen will take selfies and might notice you while looking at her camera. The Gossip will talk to people around her and might spot you when she’s not paying attention to class.”

The game has 31 levels with 3 objectives for each level, 5 playable characters, 6 alert students and 1 teacher. It’s the perfect opportunity to test and refine your stealth skills as one of the most climactic moments (pun intended) of each level is hinged upon how you control the pleasure metre, ensuring that you’re not heard.

Featured image credit: Steam