PSN error E-82204301 is causing problems for Online Gaming

Most players are experiencing this E-82204301 error. The error has confused a lot of users because the information cannot be identified in the statements error code for the PS4.

This error shouldn’t bother those who are playing offline games, like story mode.

The problem mainly occurs when the user is connected to a party or wide conference with other players. It has been reported that the error have been disconnecting online games such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and FIFA 14 all over the world.

Sony has announced on an official PlayStation forum that they are aware of the issue, and is working on resolving it soon:

Sony is aware of the existence of this error, and is almost 100 percent. certain that this is a server error. Remedy should end around Tuesday.

Are any of you experiencing this error? Comment below.