Bandai Namco Made Dark Souls II More Forgiving

It appears that the upcoming Dark Souls II will be a bit more forgiving then it’s predecessor. For instance, Bandai Namco goes over the different additions that was placed in the sequel title that may help new players have an easier time adjusting to the game. However, for seasoned players, this could result in less of a challenge.

Speaking to OXM, Bandai Namco’s producer, Takeshi Miyazoe, revealed a few changes. For instance, there are some improvements such as motion-captured actors. In Dark Souls, the game was made with hand-animated motion however, this time around with motion-captured technology and live actors, this will allow animation to come out a tad more smooth.

This will give each and every swing of the sword a more precise feel, without reducing the experience to your average action title slog. The tutorials will also be much improved, giving players a clearer picture of how everything’s strung together.

It seems that some of the frustration will be relieved this time around with the help of the new tutorials. Although, for those who enjoyed the difficult challenge from Dark Souls, this may actually result in an easier playthrough. Right now, it’s tough to say just how challenging Dark Souls II will be with the new changes but we’re sure the basis of the franchise is still present. Furthermore, a brand new trailer was released today for Dark Souls II, you can view it right here.