Dark Souls 2 Crown of The Sunken King Screenshots

New screenshots have been released for Dark Souls 2 upcoming DLC is Crown of The Sunken King. Take a look at what awaits players when they pick back up within the game. The upcoming Dark Souls 2 DLC, Crown of the Sunken King, puts players in a quest to claim the crown of King Vendrick. … Read more

Dark Souls 2 Patch 1.03 Notes Released

Dark Souls 2 just received the latest patch update for North America and Europe. If you’re looking to fix the bugs and UI glitches among other issues, you’ll want to hop on the latest version 1.03 update along with the calibration 1.04 update. From Software has released the patch already in Asia this week and … Read more

Bandai Namco Made Dark Souls II More Forgiving

It appears that the upcoming Dark Souls II¬†will be a bit more forgiving then it’s predecessor. For instance, Bandai Namco goes over the different additions that was placed in the sequel title that may help new players have an easier time adjusting to the game. However, for seasoned players, this could result in less of … Read more

New Dark Souls II Screenshots Released

AGB has got their hands on several new Dark Souls II screenshots. If you’re waiting to get your hands on yet another frustrating but satisfying adventure then check out the screenshots below. The new screenshots show off the different environments, creatures, character creation process and even upgrading progress. Dark Souls 2 will be releasing this … Read more

Dark Souls 2 Officially Rated T And New Collector’s Edition Revealed

Dark Souls 2 is heading to past generation consoles and no doubt will surely bring back the intense gameplay. Developed by From Software and published through Bandai Namco Games, Dark Souls and Demon Souls have both received an “M” rating. This was due to the partial nudity, gore, violence and ¬†language. While the upcoming Dark … Read more

Brand New Dark Souls 2 Screenshots

From Software has released a fresh new batch of Dark Souls 2 screens and they show off the game’s various environments and monsters. The game has been in development for quiet some time and is scheduled to release on the PS3 soon. No information if it’s also in development for PS4 but we hope it … Read more

Dark Souls 2 Director Discusses Essence of the Game

The Souls games are known as that series of super hard games with old shchool level of difficulty with a modern sheen. But From Software Driector Yui Tanimura sees the games as more than that. He feels it isn’t about the difficulty itself, but upsetting the player’s expectations. In an interview with Eurogamer, Tanimura expanded … Read more