Darks Souls 2 Has a Release Date and New Details

We have a release date for From Software’s soul crushing RPG sequel Dark Souls 2. It will be coming to the PlayStation 3 next year on March 11th. Also from TGS are some new details about the game. There are some changes when you play undead. Other players can now invade your game while in … Read more

Dark Souls 2 Bosses Can be Beaten Early in the Game

Takeshi Miyazoe, developer on the Dark Souls sequel, in an interview with VG247, said that they can expect challenging bosses like those in the first game, but if the player is paying enough attention they can beat them early in the game. “As much as the development team is still balancing the game, I think … Read more

Dark Souls 2 Closed PS3 Beta Test gets dated

If you are a fan of the brutal Souls series, you might want to keep an eye on the Dark Souls 2 Facebook page. Starting September 5 Namco Bandai will keep fans up to date regarding the registration processes for the closed beta. The beta will “delve into one of the most treacherous areas of … Read more

12 Minute Gameplay Of Dark Souls II

IGN has revealed 12 minute gameplay of the new Dark Souls II. Dark Souls II is a sequel of Dark Souls, a game full of myth and dragons. Although not much is known about Dark Souls II, we can guess that it will also have dragons, magic, and a lot of epic battles. Watch the video … Read more