Dark Souls 2 Bosses Can be Beaten Early in the Game

Takeshi Miyazoe, developer on the Dark Souls sequel, in an interview with VG247, said that they can expect challenging bosses like those in the first game, but if the player is paying enough attention they can beat them early in the game.

“As much as the development team is still balancing the game, I think there will be key moments in the game – not just challenges by story or difficulty – but there will be key enemies and bosses in the game that will challenge the players enough. There will be areas where we’re revisiting some of the boss battles as well, where you’ll be able to encounter boss battles part-way through the stage.

“You wont have to start from one venue, go through to the end, beat the boss and then start from a new venue. There will be areas where you can meet the boss halfway. If you’re good enough or playing enough attention, you might be able to defeat them early.”

As much as the difficulty gets the spotlight with the Souls games, it’s really that they work with a different set of rules and stick fervently to them. It’s not that the game is unfair, it’s that it is far more fair than the average player is used to. This seems like the next logical step.

Dark Souls will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in 2014.