Battlefield 4 Has a New Short Video Showing Off Weapon Customization

DICE has released a short alpha video of the various weapon customizations available as well as posted a blog post detailing the options. The post calls Battlefield 4’s customizations the “ deepest and most personal weapon customizations ever.” It has three times the accessories and weapons than any previous game in the series.

Some weapons have up to 240,000 combinations if you factor in accessories and other options. These variables can be found through a guide on the game screen, which provides details and stats on each accessory. It also shows the various kinds that are available.

DICE also explained a way to collect various weapons through Battle Pickups in the game maps and included in many of the game modes. They are incentives for players to try out the various modes in the game.

YouTube video

Battlefield 4 will be available on October 29th for PlayStation 3 and other current gen platforms and will be on the PlayStation 4 fat launch.