PS4 puts Sony at a “much better position” than the PS3 did

Sony has admitted that they made a few errors with the PS3, especially with the price. The President/CEO of SCE America Jack Tretton has came out with a statement regarding the mistakes they have made, and that they have learned from it.

He states, “We’re in a much better position. There are a couple of key factors: We came to market later than what proved to be a formidable competitor in the Xbox 360–that won’t happen this time around. We came to market at $599– that’s obviously not going to happen this time around.”

“In spite of all that, we went on to sell 70 million units. There were a lot of lessons learned in things we did not want to repeat. I really relish the opportunity to come to market in a timely way at $399.”

The PS4 is doing very well indeed, gaining a lot of positive feedback ever since E3, even causing Microsoft to change a lot of their policies. They are doing better in pre-orders as well, where a handful of GameStop’s had to cease taking anymore orders, due to the high demand.

We will have to wait and see how well the console performs when it is available this November 2013.

If you had any advice for Sony, what would it be?