Sony Hiring after Layoffs; Insider Reason for Developer Downsizing

It is no secret that Sony has been going through some kind of company restructuring lately, where they have been cutting off employees from several studios. There have been multiple layoffs that have hit a couple studios such as Santa Monica, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, and SCEE London Studio. Not only is there layoffs, but they … Read more

Sony announces Third Party IPs on PlayStation Coming Soon

Gio Corsi of SCEA has announced that they have created Third Party Production, a new group within Sony whose objective is to obtain third-party IPs by working with publishing partners. Corsi, who is the Director of Third Party Production, made known of the exciting news on twitter. They are currently working on a list, and … Read more

Sony says “don’t be jerks” to indie devs

Sony has just revealed one of their biggest secrets for getting more indie developers to work for them. They have “discovered the secret” to gaining indie developers, by simply saying “don’t be jerks”. Awhile back Sony was “fairly indie-friendly for a while now on paper, allowing self-publishing on PSN for more than five years.” Now they have proven that the … Read more

PS4 puts Sony at a “much better position” than the PS3 did

Sony has admitted that they made a few errors with the PS3, especially with the price. The President/CEO of SCE America Jack Tretton has came out with a statement regarding the mistakes they have made, and that they have learned from it. He states, “We’re in a much better position. There are a couple of … Read more

SCEA President talks about Xbox One’s 180 turn

Microsoft had originally placed heavy restriction on the users and did not support used games, as per their original policy. But the competition with Sony compelled them to reverse their original policies and become more lenient to the demands of the consumers. In an interview with IGN, Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA was asked … Read more

Leaked PS4 Bundle including the Camera and Knack Game

Ever since the PS4 was announced, fans have been wondering what bundles will be available to purchase. Turns out, one of the bundle was discovered on the official Sony Computer Entertainment of America website by an informer named TZuck. The reason why many people haven’t heard of this bundle is because the picture is hidden … Read more