SCEA President talks about Xbox One’s 180 turn

Microsoft had originally placed heavy restriction on the users and did not support used games, as per their original policy. But the competition with Sony compelled them to reverse their original policies and become more lenient to the demands of the consumers.

In an interview with IGN, Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA was asked to comment on this 180 turn made by Microsoft. He replied,”We spent five years listening to the consumer day in day out, so better late than never, I guess they got the message.”

He further added that Sony are now “back in the trenches” to prepare for their 10 year battle after a successful pre and post E3 campaign.

In the interview, the topic of the camera that is not bundled with the PS4 also came up. Speaking on the matter, he said,

[quote style=”3″ author=”Jack Tretton”]I feel like we’ve got more experience in motion gaming than anybody because back to the original PlayStation EyeToy on PlayStation 2, we brought a hands-free gaming experience in front of the camera and we found that we could do a lot of great things with it. But it didn’t apply to everything. So trying to do a one size fits all was really difficult, so we really feel like, for the development community and for the consumer it should be a choice. If you’re a developer who is excited about the camera and really think you can integrate that into making a great game, please do it – we’d love to have you on board, and if you’re a consumer, who is interested in buying the camera, we’d love to sell it to you for 60 bucks. But to force every consumer to have one on day one, when some of them may be on a limited budget and don’t necessarily have the interest in it, or to mandate that the development community has to support it… ends up coming up a little bit short in terms of things of things that people can get excited about.[/quote]

The PS Camera launches along with the PS4 but there is still no major use of the camera in terms of the games that have been announced. The only major game using it is DriveClub which allows you to take pictures of yourself.

Are you happy that the camera does not come bundled with the PS4? Will you purchase it as an added accessory? Do let us know.