PS4 Back In Stock At

Gamers are having an incredibly hard time getting their hands on a PlayStation 4. Sony is just printing money with each console that comes down the manufacture line. Retailers both online and off are slowly losing grip of their PS4 stocks. After the holiday season is over, the PlayStation 4 console is selling out left and right. If you want one of these bad boys then you better move fast. We just got word that Amazon just got a stock of PlayStation 4 consoles.

Instead of resorting to eBay where sellers are looking for a quick investment by selling PS4 systems over retailer asking price, us gamers are having a pretty hard time getting the system. Luckily, Amazon has just got a new stock of the PlayStation 4 consoles set at the standard $399.99. If you’re looking to get in on the fun with the current generation video game consoles then head over to and pick yourself up a brand new system.