GameStop Sales Collapsing, Shutting Down 150 Stores For This Reason

If you’ve bought stock in GameStop, it might be time to hit the eject button. Things aren’t looking good for the company. GameStop is one of the last bastions of brick and mortar retail hope in a an increasingly digital landscape. The American retail chain operates 7,117 stores throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, … Read more

PS Vita’s Selling Out Sony Struggling To Keep Up Demand

Major retailers are running out of stock fast for the PS Vita. A huge interest of the handheld picked up recently leaving Sony working overtime to bring out new stock. The interest is good not only for Sony but gamers who are looking for further support on their handheld. One Sony representative spoke with Polygon … Read more

Sony PS4 Will Be In Full Supply This Summer

The PlayStation 4 is one popular device and it’s easily jumping from store shelves and into the homes of gamers. We’ve reported about this in the past, Sony is having a tough time keeping up the demand for the PlayStation 4 console in several retailers among the regions the console is available. During GDC, The … Read more

PS4 Back In Stock At

Gamers are having an incredibly hard time getting their hands on a PlayStation 4. Sony is just printing money with each console that comes down the manufacture line. Retailers both online and off are slowly losing grip of their PS4 stocks. After the holiday season is over, the PlayStation 4 console is selling out left … Read more